We all go through varied emotions each day.These emotions that keep flowing inside us bear the possibilities of evolving and shattering us. A turbulent emotion can break us into pieces. Emotions are everywhere around us. We awake to thoughts and feelings. It would not be wrong¬†to say that ” we are a bundle of thoughts, emotions, and feelings”.
I am thoroughly baffled at how we go to sleep keeping our thoughts, feelings and emotions aside and have nothing to do with any of those while we are into are deep slumber. And awakening brings back all of that.
Along with a baffled state of mind I am mesmerized too at how all this actually occurs.

This blog is my place where I voice my thoughts before I sleep..!
Hope You Enjoy The ride!




A warm and a hearty welcome to my blog. At last, I have successfully pooled in all my willingness together to click on to publish and bring this post into this world. I am super nervous, excited and delighted.

Well, I really aspired to join in for the Zero to Hero challenge. Sadly , the challenge closed down with the end of february. However, I still wish to post taking the inspiration from the challenge. I know I am terribly late . I do believe in ‘”it better do it today than never”.

I love a good read and appreciating it too .This is the reason that pushed me to join in. I believe words play an important role in all our lives. Words make us and even break us. We are fishes swimming in sea of words, some swimming deep and some in shallow water. Words are the strongest weapon and the sweetest charmer that one can possess. Words have the power to execute our ideas , thoughts and wishes exactly the way we desire. I long to sharpen my writing skills and this is the second reason that joins in to motivate me in bringing this blog into reality.